Soul + Strategy  Coaching For Entrepreneurs And Executives 

Discover Your Language Of Personal Power!

Do you know what your Power Archetype is? Take the assessment below and discover your strengths that will help you be your most powerful self. 

Elevate Your Soul.

Manifest Strategic Success.

Personal Power, Prosperity and Performance are inextricably linked. 

It's time for Soul + Strategy


Helping entrepreneurs and executives  shift into their personal power and success through Soul + Strategy work.


Free & Paid offerings to help entrepreneurs, experts, and leaders achieve prosperity and purpose.


Activating Soul + Strategy, we connect as a group and bring in Higher Realm Clarity & Supreme Vitality.

Lav’s unique blend of Strategy & Higher Realm Energy Work offers you the opportunity

to not only be your best, but feel and perform your best.


You know you have done the miles, have the skills and the track record

But right now .. you may not be at your best, your peak vitality and performance 

and you don’t seem to be able to tap into that part of you that 

- performs exceptionally 

- has a clear strategy

- manages people with ease

- communicates effectively

- leads from the front

- thrives at home

- lives fulfilled potential  

the usual tactics, mindset and trainings, and even rest 

isn’t moving the dial on your well-being

and the sense of power you feel …

It is time to feel fresh, renewed, and made new again!

Bringing attention to your passion, your connection to your career, your business and entrepreneurial  ventures, loved ones, and life itself


increasing your performance and personal power beyond where it has been before!

And now you can ...

We need to embrace ALL parts of ourselves, and not leave parts behind. Parts that are waiting to see the light of day, habits that want to be let go, relationships that are eager to be enhanced, skills that are asking to be expressed, spirituality that is waiting to be explored.

With the innovation of Strategic Executive Coaching coupled with the Gift of tapping into Higher Realms,

 Lav Chintapalli brings you an exquisite experience of transformation, clarity and professional brilliance….

... all done with love, attention, and a penchant for new beginnings!

It's time for Soul + Strategy!

It Is Time For Your Success!


"Lav, I didn't have a chance to express my gratitude to you today. I learned from you today that while we all have techniques we can learn, the most important skill is bringing our natural selves to the coaching session and you did that for me. You listened in a way that made me feel taken care of and you worked to offer me a new way of thinking about my life. You got me out of my own head on the issue and helped me see it more clearly. For that I thank you and I look forward to working with you more." 

– Cary Kelly, Founder



The most personalized path to transformation is via 1-1 coaching. We create a trusted connection and container for you to look deeply and grow into your highest and best. You will be the center of my attention!

We combine SOUL + STRATEGY focused entirely on YOU! Energy work that clears pathways, brings about emotional and physical healing with grounded strategy coaching and tactical steps.  This helps you dive deep into the barriers holding you back and transform into the visionary leader you were meant to be!




Free and Paid programs to help creatives, coaches, experts, and leaders achieve financial autonomy, and live your purpose.



Power Circles are where we combine Soul & Strategy by gathering of minds and a gathering of beings, to heal the whole self and get clarity on direction. Unleash your personal power and high performance.  


If you've been stuck not getting the recognition you deserve, doubting yourself or unsure of how to break through the barriers, our ground-breaking programs, proprietary methodologies, personal coaching, and connection to your Higher-Self is what will help you with quick wins and long-term success.  

A few testimonials from people who've been through the programs and coached by Lav.

Going through the Creating Career Success course really reiterated for me that I cannot be content with where I am now in my career. I have to continue to push myself, take risks and invest in my future.

Geri Green 

Sr. Manager


Lav has been instrumental in upgrading my organizational acumen. Her insights have helped improve my relationships with key stakeholders leading to success for the team and organization.

W. Ting  

Engineering Manager


Lav has helped me work towards articulating a vision and creating well defined strategy to be well on my way to achieving my vision! She is direct, articulate, and helpful in understanding my pain points.

V. Condit
Director, Student Success


After a terrible #metoo experience, I felt completely lost. I was downplaying my strengths, hiding and blaming myself. Lav showed great empathy and helped me in owning my power and getting my confidence back.

J Moore
Manager, Marketing

This whole Creating Career Success course has been eye-opening. I really appreciate you making this available. 

Tiffany Lancaster

Sr. Manager


Getting the results from the 360 assessment was a difficult experience that Lav coached me through with intelligence, humor, and compassion.  

S. Jones 

Lead Scientist


Lav has been great at helping me with strategic thinking as I grow as a leader. She provides perspective that informs my decisions, helps me thinks through tricky decisions, and helps me learn  how  to better lead. Can't recommened her enough.  

A. Madsen
Curriculum Director 


It has been a pleasure working with you, Lav.  I appreciate you being a sounding board and helping condense complicated scenarios into actions.  

R. Finman 
Chief Strategy Officer

I was experiencing many roadblocks with colleagues. Lav coached  me on how to navigate the politics and taught me how to manage-up, down and laterally. I learned how to influence and get more buy-in. We devised strategies to raise my visibility. Within 3 months of coaching, I got promoted. I can't thank Lav enough for helping me through this transition and teaching me skills that I will have forever.

Liam Turner

Product Director

Lav Chintapalli

I help you redesign your transformation and growth as I combine my gifts of Soul & Strategy and help restore your personal power and success! 

As a Soul + Strategy Coach, my passion is to help you step bravely into your Personal Power & Prosperity; to support and empower you fulfill your potential through renewed clarity and have the impact you were born to have, No more confusion, no more fear, no more playing small!

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