About the Company

At Pathway Power, we focus on shifts that matter. We help our clients achieve their goals by linking desirable behavior to defined outcomes and design programs to enhance those critical drivers of business and personal performance.

The rapid rate of technology and globalized shifts create an imperative for most organizations to adapt and adopt change, which in turn demands more effective leaders up and down the line. Organizations need engaged leaders who are not only good at recognizing emerging challenges but managing teams via effective organizational responses.

This is where we can help you. We enable individuals and organizations to maximize their potential, performance and possibilities in the midst of continuous change. We specialize in designing and implementing strategic leadership development solutions and change management initiatives specifically for your company’s needs.

About the Team

Lav Chintapalli is the Founder and Principal Consultant for Pathway Power. We also have partnerships with a passionate and diverse group of organizational specialists that we bring in as the project dictates.

We are based in Austin, TX and work with companies throughout the US and across the globe.

About Lav:

Spanning multiple industries and academia, I bring over 25yrs of experience to the table. I am a strategist, an ideator, a global collaborator, an analyst, a change management professional, an organizational design specialist, an executive coach, a writer, a consciousness advocate, and a performing artist all rolled into one. I thrive on people development and have built turnkey programs and initiatives from concept to execution with measurable impact and value. I’ve taught Leadership seminars at N.C. State University and worked with Fortune 50 companies. I am passionate about helping leaders innovate, grow, find balance, lead from their strengths, and create an empowered workforce that drives performance.

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