Leadership Coaching Clients, coached by Lav, say a few words.


“Strategic approach to D&I”

I very much appreciate the impact Lav has on my development as an executive. Lav helped me introduce conversational frameworks around topics most of us are not prepared or trained to lead. Lav’s strategic approach to D&I helped us navigate discussions towards a more purposeful and felt outcome. Thank you Lav.

V. Cretu
VP, Data / Sentry

“Condense complicated scenarios into actions”

It has been a pleasure working with you. I appreciate being a sounding board and helping to condense complicated scenarios into actions.

R. Finman
Chief Strategy Officer / Niantic

“In short time identified critical areas”

Lav was great and in short time identified critical areas to improve and we started working to improve those areas.

Q. Avila
Engineering Lead / Twitch

“Articulating a vision and creating well defined strategy”

Lav has helped me work towards articulating a vision and creating well defined strategy to be well on my way to achieving my vision! She is direct, articulate, and helpful in understanding my pain points.

M. Condit
Director, Student Success / Dataquest

“Navigate as a stronger leader”

[slide] Lav helped me figure out how to be more direct to get what I want and get the results from my team by holding them accountable. She helped navigate as a stronger leader and get promoted.

K. Keates
Director, Accounting / Twitch

“Leading to success for the team and organization”

Lav has been instrumental in upgrading my organizational acumen. Her insights have helped improve my relationships with key stakeholders leading to success for the team and organization.

W. Ting
Manager, Engineering / Reddit

“Introduced two powerful shifts in perspective”

Lav introduced two powerful shifts in perspective. I have begun approaching uncomfortable situations with curiosity, becoming less focused on getting "credit" for good ideas and work and more on my long term impact.

M. Flanagan
Lead Architect / Reddit

“Helped me navigate through”

Lav helped me navigate through quite stressful but impactful part of my career

G. Bor
Lead Engineer / Reddit

“Has been a great resource”

Lav has been a great resource these past few months helping me with time management and coaching me through a difficult transition time at work. Good and patient listener!

S. McNulty
Director, Sales / CodeCombat

“Coached me through with intelligence, humor, and compassion”

Getting the results from the 360 assessment was a difficult experience that Lav coached me through with intelligence, humor, and compassion

S. Jones
Lead Scientist / iMicrobes

“Lav is a very good listener”

Lav is a very good listener. She dove right in to understand what my goals were on a granular level with specific scenarios and provided valuable feedback.

D. Yoo
Director, Sales / DrChrono

“Great balance between the objective and the empathetic”

Lav has that great balance between the objective and the empathetic. Her passion for the subject matter seems to come from a great desire to align individuals in careers which reflect their abilities and skills. She understands how one can demystify certain aspects of personality in relation to work. I have found Lav to be a true professional. She dedicates the time and effort to get the correct result. At the same time, she keeps trying to expand her own understanding and experience.

M. Jha
VP, Business Development / Switch Point Solutions

“Helped me manage a high amount of stress”

My coach, Lav, helped me manage a high amount of stress as a result of an overwhelming workload. I feel significantly more effective!

B. Volkmann
Director, Engineering / Journey Apps

“A new way of thinking about my life”

Lav, I didn't have a chance to express my gratitude to you today. As soon as we hung up, I went to my calendar and "booked" my Fridays for me! I learned from you today that while we all have techniques we can learn, the most important skill is bringing our natural selves to the coaching session and you did that for me. You listened in a way that made me feel taken care of and you worked to offer me a new way of thinking about my life. You got me out of my own head on the issue and helped me see it more clearly. For that I thank you and I look forward to working with you more.

C. Kelly

“Provides perspective that informs my decision”

Lav has been great at helping me with strategic thinking as I grow as a leader. She provides perspective that informs my decisions, helps me think through tricky decisions, and helps me learn how to better lead. Can't recommended her enough.

A. Madsen
Director, Curriculum / Lambda School