Power Circles 


Elevate Your Soul. 

Manifest Strategic Success.

It's time to bring health, happiness and harmony

to the forefrontso you can truly embody your glorious self and

create success in your business, career, relationships, and life!

Hi! Welcome! Glad you stopped by. My name is Lav Chintapalli. To put it simply, I am a Psychic Business and Leadership Coach, and bring in Higher Realm Messages so you can have both Soul Healing & Strategic Insight to move you forward in life and work! 

Power Circles are a mix of channelled messages and strategic coaching. 

Power Circles are where we clear out the old with the help of Higher Realm energy, get answers to direction through Higher Realm messages, and bring in Your Greatest Vitality, Your Aligned Expression, and True Lived Purpose! 

... in Maitreya's words ...

Harness Your Day-Intelligence.

Tune Into Your Night-Intelligence. 

We work a lot in day-intelligence: the cognitive mind in overdrive and the endless drivel of tasks. Harnessing day-intelligence means being strategic and intentional about the steps. It is necessary.

However, we thrive in night-intelligence where our body listens and we allow ourselves to be guided via an inner knowing.  

When we lose our keys in a big purse, or try to change a valve in the car - we don't stick our head in it, we put our hand and feel for the shape and the sound.
This is what night-intelligence feels like, like the sound of the ocean when its pitch black and yet you still know and recognize its vastness, its beauty! 

Power Circles is a safe space curated for you to heal and grow. It is a space where I support you by passing on channeled messages from your guides, and our collective consciousness. I'm here to help you connect and strengthen your own guided inner-knowing. It is a space where I help you with your success and prosperity. 

It's time to BE ALIVE, SO ALIVE!!!!

(a small tribute to the English alternative Rock band, Love and Rockets!)

Power Circles invite you!

Transform in the here and now! 

Coaching is live over zoom, not prerecorded. 

Join Live Tuesdays

7pm EST 

(4pm PST / 6pm CST)

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. We integrate and implement in between.

Burnout, lost direction, overwhelm, inundation are just a few of the things that happen to high performers, entrepreneurs, and leaders charged with the enormous responsibility of business innovation, company growth and people.

The energy and focus this requires is enormous, and most people don't get enough support and healing. This often results in ill-health and strained relationships both personal and professional, leaving a sub-par space where your performance dips or you don't have the energy to have the impact you were meant to have.

What you need now is Higher Realm Energy

to help you show up powerfully

to do the work you were meant to do! 

I believe we can become whole again, despite the trauma and setbacks we have experienced. We can reconnect with our inner child, and experience joy and wholeness all over. 

I believe our contribution on this earth, the capacity to share our gifts and be compensated well for them, and to be 

whole-heartedly received by others for all that we are 

is a vital aspect of feeling alive. In essence, to live our purpose and to live it well; to be in our full power, to love and be loved!

I stand for you clearing the way, healing all that stands in your path, so you can have all this ... and much much more!

What Others Say


Trying to get back after my first retirement, I was struggling to own all my achievements as a leader. Lav helped me shift my perspective, and reinforced all I had achieved in building an organization. Her strategic process and divine methods challenged me as I went through the necessary reflection and healing that I needed to get over this hump. In a way, iI felt transformational deep within.

Sam Nu  


I feel like I have ah-ha moments all the time now!  I’ve also been using the grounding technique Lav taught me instead of the ones I was using before and that seems to work much better! As far as shifts are concerned, I feel less pressure to figure out my purpose. I think that’s helpful, given the clarity of my life that I received. Thank you! 

Jessica Taylor  


As a startup founder,  I was stressed to the max, and was feeling overwhelmed. My judgement was getting cloudy and anger had become a knee-jerk reaction. My relationships and health suffered. After working with Lav, I started healing in so many ways. I gained more traction as this fog lifted off my head. I was more in flow and at peace than I had felt in a long time. 

Nathan Ryon

Elevate Your Soul.

Manifest Strategic Success.

Let's clear old stories and patterns that have created obstacles, energy drains and fuzzy focus. It's time to bring in renewing healing energy and wisdom from the Higher Realms to provide clarity, vitality, and strategic insight to help you regain your power, performance and prosperity! 

High Level Power & Prosperity Coach

... in Richard's words ...

Join me in these Powerful Biweekly Sessions and be fully supported to experience

the magical breakthrough of soul + strategy

As a Cosmic Connector, I work with the Highest Realms, to translate the wisdom your Guides want you to know, and bring the healing that wants to be brought forth. 

My intention is to provide clarity, healing and shifting, and strengthen your own guidance - with a little extra light, a new tool, or a fresh perspective based on what I'm seeing and hearing. Often, if you are unwell in your physical and mental body, you don't have the will or stamina to make the right decisions. 

We will be working on you energetically the whole time - 

✓ bring in clarity on practical steps forward

✓ Clear old wounds and commitments that are no longer for your highest

✓ Integrate past lessons to understand personal power

✓ work through blocks and opening the self for receiving more

✓ Clear generational mindsets and limiting beliefs

✓ get clarity on reactions and reset towards a brighter future

✓ Bring in strategic insight to help move you in the best direction for success

ARE you ready to feel a shift 

in your work and life?  

Photo of Lav Chintapalli
Lav Chintapalli

Lav is a High Level Power and Prosperity Coach. She is psychic medium, healer, transformational and leadership strategist.

Lav pulls from different areas of study and experience. Her undergraduate work in Microbiology and Genetics lends to her knowledge of the human body. Her spiritual practice is informed by understanding energy, spirituality, depth psychology, and her training with many healing modalities including Pranic Healing, Maori healing, Chakra Healing doing body and ancestry work, as well as Akashic Records.

Lav is Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant & Clairsentient, and connects with the Masters, Guides, Angels, channeling from the Highest Light and Highest Heavens to bring about clarity and healing. 

As a Transformational and Leadership Coach, Lav bring over 25yrs of experience to the table spanning multiple industries and academia. She is a published author and an international speaker and her work is published in technical and literary journals. She has taught Leadership seminars at a University and built leadership programs within companies that have served over 25,000 people. Lav’s passion is to help people live on their true path, powerfully and purposefully by bringing together Soul and Strategy.  

Thank you for giving us this space to reflect and be. I have so many ideas and images streaming into me, just by listening to the guidance channeled into the group" - Joan Cohen

Confidentiality | Disclaimer | Release

The information received here in this sacred space is honored. Irrespective of what information is retrieved, you understand that you are responsible for reviewing the session in the context of your own life. This work is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any psychological, medical or other health-related conditions. It is not therapy. It is intended to complement and support. You acknowledge this as  written consent, and holding true and valid once you enroll in Power Circles.

Confidentiality | Disclaimer | Release

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