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Are you at a cross-roads and looking for divine guidance? Are you in the midst of angst that is wearing you down? Have you been suffering from physical ailments that you need healing for? Or are you on a spiritual path and looking to grow?  Whatever the reason, you've come to the right place.  As you know, nothing is by chance. You are guided; always guided. 

I help you align with the highest expression

of your True Self

So glad you have chosen to receive clarity and healing at this moment of time. 

We all have the ability to listen inwards. We have had experiences where things happens synchronistically, yet we have no way of explaining them. We sometimes sense things; a feeling we know that is telling us something really important that we need to pay attention to.

We are all connected to Source.

Yet, sometimes we are so seeped in the chaos of things that we can't hear the messages well, or we can't connect to our own guidance system. Often, we don't make time to hone our listening skills, or perhaps even know how to listen. Or you may someone who's already done a lot of work and wants to know how to keep ascending up the spiritual path? 

Whatever the case may be, my goal is to help you align with the highest expression of your True Self,  help you make decisions that are aligned with your highest path, and remove obstacles that are preventing you from doing so.

I connect with your Guides from the Highest Heavens, communicate with animals, and even land and houses to convey messages.

I am a messenger, conduit, and a

Cosmic Connector to help bring about your greatest and highest to fruition.

Receive the gifts of clarity and healing so you can 

live in joy, purpose and fulfillment!

My role as a Cosmic Connector is to translate the guidance your Highest Guides want you to know.  My intention in working with you is to provide clarity and strengthen your own guidance - with a little extra light, a new tool, or a fresh perspective based on what I'm seeing and hearing. 

Often, if you are unwell in your physical and mental body, you don't have the will or stamina to make the right decisions; you sit in a state of overwhelm as I have experienced in my own life. During such times, I have always sought guidance and help from others, and healers and mediums were always part of my wellness-tribe.

And so, I offer the same to you - guidance, healing, and support,

whether it is clarity you are seeking in your mental body, peace in your emotional body, wellness in your physical body, or a sense of knowing in your spiritual body.

During the session, I connect with your  Guides and Masters (yes, we all have them, including you). You and I have a conversation, as you tell me what guidance or healing you are seeking and I pass on to you what I hear and see. It is a collaborative dialogue. We focus on areas of your life and health that you would like to improve, see movement in, experience less confusion and gain more clarity. 

What Others Say


When I talked to Lav, I wanted help understanding an issue I was having. I felt like she was able to really tune in and get very accurate information and guided me through the different aspects With gentleness and clarity. I really appreciated her help!

Dr. Shakti Miller  


I was having a lot of trouble selling my house. Once I started having readings with Lav, things moved quickly. She could psychically see all the things in the house that were out of alignment.  She'd point me to a window, and I would find a crack in it that I missed. Following the sale, I sought Lav's guidance for the new house we bought! 

Cindy Wenban 


I heard about Lav through a friend. I was having a lot of health issues that doctors could not understand or properly diagnose.  Her sessions were a gift! Not only did I get clarity on what was going on, and healing, I felt like someone was finally listening to my truth with empathy and care!

Judy Moore

Sacred Soul Session

The purpose of the Sacred Soul Sessions is to shine light on the obstacles, look at patterns present in one’s life, and provide guidance on your path including opportunities for healing, growth and direction.

how to book a session 

Click the booking link on this page for a session. All sessions are $320 for 60min and are conducted over the phone. More details on payment will be on the booking page. 

what to do before the session

All you need to do is show up with an open mind and heart. And yes, with questions and topics you want answered. Some clients have a pen and paper to jot down important things.

what happens during the session

You call me at the given time. Phone number is provided when you book. We start with your questions to hone in and connect into the divine magic & miracles. 

what about after the session

During the session, you get clarity on the issues and sometimes have things you need to do. Follow through on the guidance received & schedule a follow-up if guided to.

... in Richard's words ...

Book Your Sacred Soul Session


Your Sacred Soul Session can be focused entirely on gaining clarity.  Whether it is a single issue you want to focus on or multiple issues, we can delve into them as needed. 

Sometimes, clients come to the session with one thing in mind and the conversations and cosmic connections open up ancestral linkages that need to be healed or another facet that is linked to this that needs to be addressed.  

We never really know. Simply, be open to guidance and having an open and honest conversation, and all will flow. 


The body suffers from physical ailments. During the session we go into the body to see the cause, the outcome, past life interferences, taking on other's karma unintentionally or intentionally, and we are often given guidance or a solution.

At other times automatic healings happen through the grace of the Guides & Masters as we scan the body and delve into the problem. 

Nothing is too big or too small. Illness manifests after it has gone past the etheric layers. Sometimes, we can treat the layers before manifestation into the body. So, if there is something you want addressed, simply bring it to the Sacred Soul Session.

Higher Self, Source, Spirit, God, Universe, Nature … however you refer to Cosmic Intelligence, it has the power to guide and heal your life, just like it has guided and healed mine.


Photo of Lav Chintapalli
Lav Chintapalli 

Lav is a psychic medium, healer, and transformation coach.  Her first experience with the other side happened when she was seven years old with visitations from her deceased father, that continued to happen over a few years. Terrified, not understanding or able to control it, she shut it down. After significant system health issues, as Psychic energy flow cannot really be stopped, Lav was drawn back to opening up that channel and connecting with Source as a way to heal - herself and others.

During the session, Lav pulls from different areas of study and experience. Her undergraduate work is in Microbiology and Genetics so she brings a strong understanding of the human body. Her spiritual practice is informed by understanding energy, belief and conditioning work, spirituality, depth psychology, and her training with many healing modalities including Pranic Healing, Maori healing, Chakra Healing doing body and ancestry work, as well as Akashic Records.

Lav is Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant & Clairsentient – she hears, sees, feels, and knows energy, and connects with the Masters, Guides, Angels, and channels from the Highest Light and Highest Heavens to bring about clarity and healing. 

Looking forward to serving you in diving connection!

- Lav

Confidentiality | Disclaimer | Release

This session is completely confidential - the information received here in this sacred space is honored and will never be divulged to anyone. Irrespective of what information is retrieved and conveyed, you understand that you are responsible for reviewing the session in the context of your own life.

Please be informed this work is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any psychological, medical or other health-related conditions. It is not therapy, it is intended to complement and support. You acknowledge this written consent as holding true and valid for this session as well as all future sessions with Lav Chintapalli.

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