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ANdrew Madsen

Director, Curriculum

Lav has been great at helping me with strategic thinking as I grow as a leader. She provides perspective that informs my decisions, helps me thinks through tricky decisions, and helps me learn how to better lead. Can't recommend her enough!  

Lav Chintapalli



Why They Recommend Lav 

Ross Finman 

Chief Strategy Officer

Condense complicated scenarios into actions.

It has been a pleasure working with you. I appreciate being a sounding board and helping to condense complicated scenarios into actions.

Kristina Keates 

Director, Global Ops

Navigate as a stronger leader 

Lav helped me figure out how to be more direct to get what I want and get the results from my team by holding them accountable. She helped navigate as a stronger leader and get promoted.

William TIng

Sr. Manager, Engineering 

 Leading to success for my team and organization.

Lav has been instrumental in upgrading my organizational acumen. Her insights have helped improve my relationships with key stakeholders leading to success for my team and organization.

With the innovation of Strategic Executive Coaching coupled with the Gift of tapping into Higher Realms,    Lav Chintapalli brings you an exquisite experience of transformation, clarity and professional brilliance.

 It's time to leave your old limits in the dust!  

What You’ll Get During This Transmission Session

Let's meet! In this 45min transmission session, we'll dive into your goals, the barriers holding you back, and if you want to experience it, do a transmission from the Higher Realms to help you transform into the visionary leader you were meant to be. The investment to work with me is listed below in this page. 

Before the Call

Fill out the application that's included - once you click the link. It'll provide me a baseline of understanding. This is not a coaching call, but a chance to explore, understand, and connect.

During the Call

During the Transmission Call we will dive into your concerns and your goals that you've written in the application. Please be at a place that is quiet and where you can speak freely.

End of the Call

You'll have a better understanding of the process and flow. At the end of the call, if it seems like a good fit, we can talk next steps and how to get you going. 

About Lav Chintapalli  

Lav is a Leadership & Transformation Coach. Spanning multiple industries and academia, Lav bring over 25yrs of experience. She is an ideator, organizational strategist, an executive coach, entrepreneur, author, speaker, consciousness advocate and energy practitioner all rolled into one. 

Lav thrives on people development and has built turnkey programs and coached leaders with measurable impact and value. She has taught Leadership seminars at N.C. State University and coached leaders at startups, academia including MIT, and many Fortune 500 companies. 

Lav is also a channel and healer focusing on transformation. She is Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant & Clairsentient, and connects with the Highest Light and Highest Realms to bring about clarity and healing.

Lav is passionate about helping executives, entrepreneurs  and creatives innovate, lead from their strengths, forge absolute success, find harmony within all relationships, and live a life of absolute vitality!

How Applying Benefits You

Why a Strategy Call Is The First Step

I was Surprised about the depth we went into

I like meeting people and getting a feel for them, so I was glad to take Lav up on the call. I was surprised about the depth we went, and I knew what areas I needed to work on. I felt Lav to be authentic and genuine, and I knew I could trust her. 

Maria Jones   (Healthcare)

I found myself having an honest conversation 

Lav has a way of making you feel comfortable immediately. I don't usually like to talk about my personal issues to others but I found myself having an honest conversation about what I needed to do.

Deepak Patel   (Tech)

It helped me realize the cost & wasted opportunities 

The strategy call helped me get clarity on my own goals and the barriers to them. It also helped me realize the cost and wasted opportunities - that I could potentially lose the executive job I just got if I didn't address my issues.

Deion Forbes   (Banking) 



What Is * What Can Be 

The coaching I offer is High-Touch coaching; 

meaning you will have a lot of access to me, so we can set you on the path to where you are meant to be, with full focused support. 

I am here for YOU! 

It is time to feel fresh, renewed, and made new again, as we combine the healing and empowerment of what is  and what can be. We dive into strategic steps and tactical shifts you need to make to garner the success you are looking to achieve.  We tap into Guidance to heal and clear what is coming forth ... all done with love, care, and a penchant for powerful beginnings!  

- Lav

Why They Recommend Lav 

Stephanie Jones

Lead Scientist 

Coached me through with intelligence, humor, and compassion

Getting the results from the 360 assessment was a difficult experience that Lav coached me through with intelligence, humor, and compassion

Sean McNulty

Director, Sales 

Helped me through a difficult transition time at work 

Lav has been a great resource these past few months helping me with time management and coaching me through a difficult transition time at work. Good and patient listener!

Benita Volkmann 

Director, Engineering

Helped me manage a high amount of stress

My coach, Lav, helped me manage a high amount of stress as a result of an overwhelming workload. I feel significantly more effective! I felt energized and in control after every session.

You're In Good Company!

Here are a few of the many companies whose executives, leaders and entrepreneurial Founders were coached by Lav!  

Investment & Flow For Your Transformation through

High Power Coaching

* Limited Availability 

Investment  & Duration

3 Months
Monthly Pay
Full Pay

Structure & Flow
  • Six transformational sessions
  • 90min extra-long sessions 
  • High-Touch Ongoing Support 
  • Higher Realm Soul work 
  • Strategy and Mapping
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Why They Recommend Lav 

Vlad Cretu 

VP, Data  

Appreciate the impact on my development as an executive

 I very much appreciate the impact Lav has on my development as an executive. Lav helped me introduce conversational frameworks around topics most of us are not prepared or trained to lead. Lav’s strategic approach to D&I helped us navigate discussions towards a more purposeful and felt outcome.

Alena Dagneau

Head of Engineering

Helped me crystalize what kind of leader I want to be

Lav has been a terrific coach that has helped me crystallize what kind of leader I want to be. She's been great at giving direct and insightful feedback and actively supported me in coming up with goals to strive towards. I appreciated being coached by her and learned how to be a better professional.


Director, Product Management

I leave every session a better people leader and more confident

Lav was incredibly good at finding my hidden weaknesses as a leader and worked with me to develop a multi-session plan to actively address my challenges. Not only was she an incredible listener and empathetic, her no non-sense was directly actionable. The result is, I leave every session a better people leader and more confident in my abilities to improve.

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